June 6, 2016


Melodee, Thank you for all you taught us. I will really miss you and your horses when I leave. Thank you!!!
-Love Anele

Thank you for teaching us so much information, and extending the time for us to work with the horses. Bear is such a strong and beautiful horse I like him a lot. Thank you so much for your time.
-Love Mandisa

IMG_1041Hello. My name is Mary Lou and my son is Marcus. Marcus is ten years old and was awarded a scholarship to the Rockin Horse Riding Academy.

Marcus is a shy little boy who was bullied at school and wouldn’t defend himself for fear of the other kids and of getting into trouble. By the fifth week of the riding program, he was able to ride and control the horse on his own without the aid of his instructors. By the seventh week he was a different child. Something sparked in him and it was amazing to see. My son now has a self confidence never seen before and it is so wonderful to see. He walks with his head held high, knowing that no one controls him but himself. The fear is no longer there.

This is a great program for all children as they learn how to care, groom, and properly ride a horse. They not only learn to tie several knots and other facts of handling a horse but also, and most important, they learn about themselves.
I’m so grateful for this program and what it has done for Marcus. He has learned so much in such a short time, and he is looking forward to moving up to the intermediate level. I hope he will qualify for a second scholarship and continue in this wonderful program.

Melodee & MichaelMy name is Fred and I am the Big Brother in the Las Cruces Big Brothers Big Sisters program to 13 year old Michael.  Michael was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to the Rockin Horse Riding Academy and I can attest that this experience has had a lasting impact on Michael that I firmly believe will serve him throughout his life.

From the start of our Big Brother/Little Brother match, Michael & I bonded very quickly, developing a trust which allowed him to express himself in my company.  However, Michael was vastly different when around other people.  In the presence of other people, the witty, expressive young man that I know would disappear.  Michael would put his head down and shy away from conversation when I would introduce him to people.  He couldn’t make eye contact and seemed frozen in other people’s presence.  All of this changed for Michael through the benefits of the teachings he is receiving in the Rockin Horse Riding Academy.

The Rockin Horse Riding Academy has not only taught Michael the relationship between student and equine, it has taught him a relationship with other people.  Learning to properly control and nurture a 1000 pound animal with respect has developed Michael’s confidence to a level that I once worried was not achievable.  As Michael started to work with the instructor in the Academy, he began to develop a self-confidence not only in his Academy lessons, but in the world at large.  As Michael progressed through the first level of the program, it was apparent that the confidence he was developing while riding and caring for a horse was carrying over outside the academy.

After completing the beginner level at Rockin Horse Riding Academy, Michael is now a totally different young man around people.  Where he once held his held down and couldn’t look people in the eye, he know has the confidence in himself to address people directly and no longer shies away from conversation.  I feel very blessed that the amazing young man that I have been fortunate to get to know, can now show his true self to the rest of the world through the confidence he has developed in the life-changing lessons he is being taught at the Rockin Horse Riding Academy.

I remain ever grateful for the unique opportunity that Michael is being given at the Rockin Horse Riding Academy as it has allowed him to develop as a young man, now brimming with confidence and trust.  I hope that many more children like Michael are provided the same opportunity, because there are many youths in our beloved city of Las Cruces who could truly benefit from the same lessons Michael is fortunate enough to be learning at the Academy.