Meet Raeli,

rStory about Raeli,

December of 2015 Raeli, a shy and timid 8 year-old, had the opportunity to ride a horse at her grandparents ranch. Moments later Raeli was bucked off. Although she was not seriously injured, Raeli developed a fear for horses. Before the accident, Raeli lacked confidence and the fall seemed to escalate these feelings.

Upon hearing about Rockin’ Horse Riding Academy, Raeli’s mom knew it would be a perfect fit for her little girl.

What’s so different about this December?

Raeli approached her riding lessons with a great fear. Through the help of her instructor, Melodee, Raeli began her baby step journey to overcoming her fear. One special day Raeli was finally ready to ride without the instructor guiding the horse. Raeli was scared to her bones but she sat on that horse and said she didn’t want to be scared forever.

Raeli’s instructors and family members have been in awe at how this once scared little girl has grown into a confident and strong 9 year-old. Raeli loves going to her lessons and can’t wait to tell her family everything she learned.

Through the help of Rockin’ Horse Riding Academy and their amazing instructors, Raeli has learned a valuable life lesson that will help her the rest of her life. Raeli learned that it is better to overcome your fear than to let your fear control you.

At Rockin’ Horse Riding Academy the students learn more than just riding a horse. This New Year you can help Raeli and many children like her develop important life lessons.