July 25, 2016

Our Story

The Rockin’ Horse Riding Academy conducts an Academy of Equestrian Arts for young people. The curriculum forms a relationship with a horse that facilitates an understanding between student and equine. This relationship is built through communication skills, handling, and riding techniques that are based on the Golden Rule. These results build life-long character traits that will serve the student for a lifetime.

Students learn to be assertive, but always with kindness. They learn to trust but take a leadership role in the relationship. They learn discipline, both in themselves and in the handling of the horse. They learn respect from an animal that commands it by his size, but is forgiving and submissive when treated with kindness. They learn to work as a team with their horse.

These character-building skills, and more, are learned in a fun and exciting course of riding instruction. The Academy conducts 12-week courses at all levels of horsemanship. Both English and Western disciplines are offered. At the successful conclu­sion of the 12-week course, students are offered a choice of a horse-camping trip or a ranch experience driving and working cattle.

There is no better teacher of the most important things in life than the horse. “Students learn to take responsibility for an animal and humane treatment of that animal.”

Our other important program offered at the Rockin Horse Riding Academy is our special equine program for our military ser­vice veterans. So many of our heroes return home from service overseas suffering from not only physical wounds but even more of them suffer in silence from the insidious emotional wound of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD causes the suicide of our veterans at the rate of 22 suicides per day in the United States. That is one soldier every 65 minutes. Companion animals have been proven to be effective in easing a veteran’s emotional state. Oftentimes, these companion animals are dogs. Our program provides horses to our returned veterans, so they can learn to care for and interact with the horses, eas­ing stress and finding joy and purpose in caring for another living being — an animal who is relying on them and is also always there for the veteran. These relationships become very deep and meaningful.

Rockin Horse Riding Academy endeavors to match our veterans with com­panion horses, teach the veterans how to care for the horses and how to interact with them. This program works in tandem with pro­fessional counseling and treatment through various veteran service programs.

Rockin 4 Bar Ranch and Rockin Horse Riding Academy is privileged to provide facilities for the local Equine-Assisted Psycho-Therapy program. These young children learn to control a herd of three horses, moving them from one area to another. This instills in these young people a sense of control of their environment and the self-confidence to never become a victim again. A troubling statistic in our modern world is the ever-increasing crime of sexual abuse against the most vulnerable among us: our children.

Mission Statement

Rockin Horse Riding Academy provides an environment for children to connect with horses and themselves, bringing out the best in the child for today and their entire life.


Vision Statement

Rockin Horse Riding Academy is an academy of equestrian arts for young people based on the Golden Rule resulting in lifelong character traits the will serve the student for a lifetime. There is no better teacher of the most important things in life than a horse.



“Code of the West” as stated by author James P. Owen