This Christmas Season
Rockin Horse Riding Academy
Would like to introduce you to

What makes Marcus smile?
Last Christmas you would have met a much different little boy named Marcus.  Marcus was shy and was constantly being bullied at school.  He was timid and afraid of the other kids and of speaking up.
This year you get to meet a bold and confident happy boy.  Marcus now speaks with his head held high and shows confidence as he speaks up for himself.
How did Marcus go from being bullied and afraid to sticking up for himself?  With the help from his favorite horse Rio and Rockin Horse Riding Academy, Marcus has developed courage and compassion.
How can you help Marcus?
This Christmas you could give Marcus the gift of riding.
Rockin Horse Riding Academy is a non-profit that uses faith and horses to reach underprivileged children.

A 10-week session costs Rockin Horse Riding Academy $500 per child.
You could be Marcus’s Christmas Miracle by sponsoring him for $500 for a 10-week session or for one class costing $50.
In two sessions Marcus has exceeded everyone’s expectations.  Imagine how far this bright boy can go with your help.
No gift is too little when it is going towards Marcus learning how, through the power of his horse and trainers, that nothing is impossible.

All donations are tax deductible.