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Rockin Horse Riding Academy
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What makes Jerzi enjoy life?

Jerzi is a bright-eyed 10 year old girl who’s smile stretches from ear to ear. When Jerzi first started working with horses through Rockin Horse Riding Academy she was timid and scared. As the session progressed so did Jerzi’s confidence. Jerzi learned to trust the horse and allow the horse to trust her. She loved on the horse as she brushed him before and after her class. It didn’t take long before Jerzi felt comfortable being on the horse and not long after that before Jerzi could ride without the instructor leading the horse. After accomplishing riding alone, Jerzi went up to the directors of Rockin Horse Riding Academy with her head held high and her chest up and said she wanted to learn how to be a mounted shooter.

How can you help Jerzi?

Jerzi faces hardships and heartbreak at home, but when on her horse she is calm and confident and in control of her world. Riding horses for Jerzi is a comfort and her outlet where she can find peace. Jerzi has learned discipline and how to control an animal that weighs over 800 pounds. When a young girl can feel she has control over a large animal that once frightened her, she can feel as though she can conquer anything.

This Christmas you can help Jerzi keep her happy and peaceful place on top of her horse. Jerzi has many dreams she would like to come true and cannot do it without your help.

With your donation you can not only help Jerzi become a mounted shooter but also you can help her dreams come true.

All donations are tax deductible.