Meet Allison.

On the outside Allison looks and acts like most 12 year old girls. Allison, however, has to deal with dyslexia that makes every day learning and communicating a constant struggle. Being dyslexic had left Allison impatient and emotional. She watches her classmates read and write while she deals with the internal conflict of not keeping up. Allison’s demeanor after school would show how hard she fights to combat her learning disability. She would be drained and disheartened.

When Allison first encountered a horse at Rockin’ Horse Riding Academy she was terrified. It was large and unpredictable to the new and untrained student. The bond between Allison and the horses grew to be very unique. While Allison combats communication through her education she has learned that she can communicate with the horse quite efficiently. The horses and the instructors have taught Allison how to not only be more patient but have more patience with herself as she learns a new skill. Allison has learned a new side of her she didn’t know was there. She has learned how to pace the learning process and how to set goals and what steps to create to reach them. Not every day a cowboy’s horse is perfectly behaved, but even on those days Allison has learned how to better control her emotions when things don’t work right the first time.

For Allison the battle to be in control of her mind while she reads and writes is washed away during the moments when she is on the horse. Allison says that being on the horse feels like being herself. She is relaxed and having fund when she is in control. Learning to control the horse under her little body has given Allison the confidence boost in life she needed.

Allison has one of those contagious smiles, one that radiates her pure and caring heart. She now has that smile on when she gets picked up from school and is headed to Rockin’ Horse Riding Academy.

Many children struggle with issues or conflict at home or school. Allison has found her outlet at Rockin’ Horse Riding Academy. Give us a call to find out more about our program.